Kiraya Do - Rental Payments Simplified

Our flagship product, built to ease the process of rental payments is used for rental payments and collections, across borders. Kiraya Do, is a term from the urdu language meaning "Pay Your Rent", which not only enable the payments but also intelligently automates the process, making the lives easier for property owners and tenants

The Real Estate CRM

A cloud based customer relationship management system for real estate companies, helping them to achieve sales. Our CRM comes with integrated IVR system and multiple other functionalities such as manage installments, manage agent's commission etc that helps in increasing the conversion rate.


The core team is of three members namely, Saad, Nawaz and Abdul Khayyum. The team has won many accolades together and each indiividual brings their varied expertise to the table, yet they have an underlying similarity and that is the "Wont Give Up" attitude towards challenges. This attitude is a must, especially when you are working for technologies in nascent stages like blockchain.

Detente Team


Here are the glimpses of the journey that began in 2014 from the room of a 2 bedroom flat in Mumbai.

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